Person in Charge Training – Level 3

Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Outline:

  • Personal Hygiene

    • Demonstrate commitment to good food hygiene practice
    • Promote a high standard of personal hygiene throughout the food operation
    • Explain the implications of food borne illness in th food operation
    • Ensure food workers suffering from food borne illness do not work in contact with open food


  • Structural Hygiene

    • Identify or report structural deficiencies in the food operation
    • Manage and maintain an effective pest control system
    • Manage and maintain a satisfactory waste disposal system


  • Food Safety Operations

    • Manage and maintain an effective cleaning program
    • Where applicable to their job ensure food safety during product purchasing
    • Ensure food safety during delivery receipt
    • Ensure food safety during storage
    • Ensure food safety during product preparation
    • Ensure food safety during cooking / processing / cooling / holding / service of food
    • Encourage good hygiene practice during the transportation of food
    • Where applicable to their job ensure products are labeled correctly


  • Food Safety Management

    • Manage and maintain the traceability system within their area of the food operation
    • Manage / review food safety complaints effectively
    • Implement and review the food safety management system (based on HACCP principles)
    • Conduct internal audits
    • Manage and maintain food safety documentation and records


  • Staff Training and Management

    • Ensure that the food safety training needs and competencies of staff are met


  • Food Safety Regulations

    • Demonstrate an awareness of the legislative requirements in Dubai relating to their business
    • Provide assistance to food inspection officers
    • Follow up non-conformances with corrective action

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