Municipal Food Inspection Techniques

Course Duration: 5 Days

Course Outline:

  • Identify causes and prevention of foodborne illness
  • Explain food safety inspection purpose and procedures
  • Explain facility and plan review purpose and procedures
  • Identify enforcement tools available to protect food supply.
  • Explain sample collection purpose and procedures
  • Explain role of local board of health relative to food safety education / consumer education / awareness
  • Identify performance based standard used to assess retail food program
  • Explain food-borne illness Surveillance and investigation purpose and procedures
  • Identify role of local board of health relative to food defense and bio-security
  • Explain role and responsibility of local municipality / authority in food emergency preparedness, assessment and response.
  • Explain purpose and procedures for validation and verification of HACCP and risk control plans for
  • Differentiate between risk factors and major interventions / good retail practices / standard operating procedures / HACCP Pre-requisites.


Food Industries Auditing

Course Outline:

  • Organization and Management Responsibilities
  • Document Control
  • Employee Orientation, Quality Assurance, and Job Training Program
  • Plant Safety and Security
  • Quality Cost Program

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