Food Laboratory QMS – ISO 17025 Developmental Implementation

Course Duration: 5 Days

Program Objectives:

To facilitate delegates’ understanding of how the business processes of a laboratory can be combined effectively with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and to provide an understanding of the roles of the quality manager and technical management

Who Should Attend?

Personnel from accredited or applicant laboratories who have responsibility for the technical or quality management of the testing or calibration performed


Training Program

Day one:

  • Introductions and course briefing
  • Laboratory structure to ensure integrity and competence
  • Exercise
  • Quality management system as a framework for the testing processes and the role of ISO 17025
  • Exercise                                                                                                           
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Services and supplies
  • Exercise:
  • Ensuring competence: equipment
  • Exercise:
  • Ensuring competence – personnel
  • Exercise:


Day 2:

  • Documentation and documentation control process
  •  Exercise:
  • Handling of samples and items from customers for calibration and test
  • Exercise:                                                  
  • Report back on exercise
  • Ensuring competence – performance of calibrations and tests
  • Exercise:


Day 3:

  • Ensuring competence – management controls
  • Exercise:
  • Identifying potential and actual non-conforming work
  •  Exercise:
  • Process of recording and storage and retrieval of records
  • Reporting results to client including opinions and interpretations                                                    
  • Complaints process
  •  Exercise:

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