Food Facilities Design, Construction, Linear Flow & Equipment Specs.

Course Duration: 5 Days

Who Should Attend?

This training course targets Food Inspectors in the market palce, sea, land and air ports, Supervisors and Managers wroking in Food Control Sections in Authorities, Municipalities, Government Public Health Departments, Catering Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Food Production Managers.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction

    • Initial space requirements
    • Space planning
    • Design brief on hygienic construction and finishes

      • cladding surface coating
    • Design brief on mechanical and electrical services engineering

      • drainage and drain design
      • lighting
      • ventilation and climate control
      • food storage and temperature control
      • emergency and safety facilities
    • Sustainability / energy management
    • Waste minimization and management

      • Performance specifications
    • Temporary catering facilities procurement
    • Equipment testing and audits access consultancy


  • Details design can include:

    • Layout design including catering evaluation and selection
    • Design of customized (special orders)
    • Mechanical and Electrical services engineering design

      • Liaison with statutory authorities
    • Contract drawings and tender specifications

      • Building services termination drawings (CAD)
    • Supplier evaluation and competitive tendering


  • Interior Design

    • Professional interior design service

      • Corporate ID, graphics and signage


  • And finally, contruction, where FCSI consultatnts offer:

    • Quality assurance monitoring and site inspections
    • Reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements

      • Flexibility to meet changes
    • Staff training and optimum food safety
    • Defect surveys

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