HACCP Internal Audit Training Course

Course Duration: 2 Days

Who Should Attend?

  • This training is designed for personnel planning to become responsible for conducting internal audits of their HACCP system;
  • Municipal inspectors and food control section staff who are responsible for inspecting and auditing food facilities in the marketplace and in food industries and services.
  • HACCP Team Members and other personnel responsible for establishing and maintaining the HACCP System and those who have attended a HACCP Awareness Seminar and want to improve their understanding of the HACCP System.


Course Description:

This program includes:

  • Introduction to the HACCP System
  • HACCP Principles
  • Introduction to the Audit Concept
  • Types of Audit
  • Responsibility and authority of a HACCP auditor
  • Planning, preparing and performing a HACCP audit
  • Documenting non-compliances
  • HACCP Audit Checklist
  • Corrective actions – follow up
  • HACCP audit reporting
  • Summary and discussion
  • Verification and validation of the HACCP Plan
  • Exam



This training program enables participants to understand, and conduct in-house HACCP audit. Participants will be able – at the end of this training – to plan, prepare and perform a complete internal audit procedure.

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