Catering Facilities

Bringing about changes to the catering facilities and services you provide can be quite a challenge.

Whether you are seeking to bring about change to increase customer satisfaction and participation, increase turnover, reduce costs, improve profitability, or update your catering facilities we are able to perform a strategic review and help develop your catering policy.

Whilst every client’s needs are different there are some core elements in the review process. The review process commences with an overview of your present catering facilities and services. Through on site observations, visitor surveys and examination of the local records, the strengths and weaknesses of the existing catering arrangements are assessed. Considering everything from menu offer to customer flow, staffing levels to style of service, the catering offer is evaluated to determine how well your service is meeting to the needs of your customers in today’s market. An analysis of the financial records establishes whether you are maximizing revenue potential and profitability.

The health and safety inspection determines whether the catering procedures meet current legislative requirements for safe food service. Following the review, recommendations are formulated for the strategic development of the catering services in the short, medium and long-term goal.

Our professional consultants can assure to precisely complete the procedure from assessment, planning, implementation, and lastly, measurement.

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